Become a Member of the Furnace Friends Club

Become a Member of the Furnace Friends Club

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Getting stuck in the dead of winter without any heat is no fun. Neither is the height of summer in the sweltering sun with no cooling. Sadly, most people only think about heating and cooling maintenance when a problem occurs, which can leave them vulnerable to unpleasant living conditions in more extreme weather. 

The good news is that problems with your heating and cooling systems can easily be avoided, ensuring that your home is temperate and efficient year-round. All you need to do is join our Furnace Friends Club! Find out more about the benefits below.

Prevent future problems

One of the major benefits of signing up for the Furnace Friends Club is that you can minimize the risk of future problems with your heating and cooling systems. Just as with any complex machinery, taking care of and maintaining your heating and cooling system properly throughout the year will help to reduce wear and tear on the components. Regular maintenance also ensures that a professional has access to your system to spot any issues that could become problematic later on.

Boost efficiency

If you are looking to boost the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, not to mention save fuel and money, then joining our Furnace Friend Club can help. We have the expertise and equipment to ensure any system, no matter how complex, is running at maximum efficiency. Our dedicated and experienced technicians are well-versed in a wide range of heating and cooling systems including HVAC, geothermal systems, and even complex heat pumps; all of which are covered under the Furnace Friends Club plan. 

Once we have worked our magic, we’ll even provide you with verified efficiency readings so you will know with 100% certainty that your system is running in the most efficient way possible. 

Enhance air quality

Air quality is of critical importance in any home, but the sad truth is that indoor air can be much more polluted than people realize. Fortunately, good air quality equipment that is well-maintained can help combat this. 

Maintenance of your indoor air quality equipment is also included with your Furnace Friends Club membership, so you can rest safe in the knowledge that you and your family will always breathe the freshest and cleanest air inside your home.

Great discounts

With the Furnace Friend Club, you get great discounts with our preferred customer pricing year-round. That means lower prices for repairs, new installations, service calls, and even accessories! We also offer a range of price points to suit all budgets.

Priority customer status

With Furnace Friendship Club membership, you go straight to the top of the call-out list. We’ll always strive to get to you, on the same day with priority scheduling.

Peace of mind with a warranty

Finally, as all parts and labor are covered by a warranty, you can rest assured that your heating and cooling maintenance will stand the test of time. 

For regular maintenance & tune-ups, all year round, for a fraction of the cost of a service call join the Furnace Friends Club, today. 

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