Do You Have a Geothermal System? It’s Time for Yearly Maintenance

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Did you know that Geothermal Units need a tune up, just like a furnace and air conditioner? Routine maintenance for your geothermal system is very important.

Ground-Source Heat Pumps, aka Geothermal Systems, rely on water to either extract heat from (heating) or reject heat into (cooling). So ensuring the water side of the system is operating correctly and clean is very important. This way, your system is not only functional in the heating and cooling mode, but also running as efficiently as possible!


We want Warren Systems customers to squeeze every bit of efficiency out of their geothermal investment, and in order to do so, a tune-up is a key part of making that happen.

Warren Systems services and maintains Geothermal Systems all over Michigan including Lapeer, Davison, North Branch, Metamora, Dryden, Almont, Rochester, Oxford, Lake Orion, etc.

Geothermal is known to be a niche part of the Heating & Cooling industry. We have the most experienced team in the area with all the tools to service your Geothermal System.

Want to take your unit to the next level of efficiency! Give us a call to see how we can help!

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