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Design Build Services

With an in-house design firm, we provide design build services that can maximize your savings and simplify your construction process. Our architecture, construction & 3D CAD team works in tandem with your team to bring you value-engineered solutions for your project.  You can expect a lot from our Design Build services, including:

  • Collaboration: Intergrating all team members during the design and construction process.
  • Efficiency: Given our years in business and array of projects, we know the best way to get the job done.
  • Integrations of Latest Technology: Up-to-date and efficient equipment to product the best results.


Ascend® Air-to-Water Heat Pump

Plug into building decarbonization. Trane’s air-to-water heat-pump provides cooling or heating from one all-electric source. Traditional heating which directly burns fossil fuel energy is a primary source of building emissions.1 The Ascend air-to-water heat pump is an effective—and affordable—first step forward to decarbonize. Move away from fossil fuel combustion for heating and tap into the nation’s lower-carbon grid that’s transitioning to clean, renewable energy.




If you already have your construction plans & design complete, Warren Systems can work on the planning and specifications for the duct work and the entire heating & cooling system for your commercial entity.



In-House 3D CAD

With our in-house 3D CAD technology, we can create, inspect and optimize engineered drawings. This means that the designs we create will be exactly to spec – for our work and for you to see before the work even begins. 

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